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camping Canet-de-Salars

Gastronomy tour in Aveyron

When talking about camping in Pareloup, one must mention tasting local products and Aveyron specialties!



You will see, in the region, people like to eat light 😉


Who doesn't know aligot yet? This mashed potatoes with fresh Laguiole tomme cheese that stretches!

Or the famous Roquefort cheese, the king of cheeses?

These two specialties are certainly the best known, but there are many others to try.


You will find them on all markets, and each house has its own recipe, let yourself be tempted by the farçous, these small pancakes of chard and sausage.


For meat lovers, don't miss the tripoux, made from veal or lamb. Nor the charcuterie! By the way, if you have the opportunity to take a tour to the charcuterie of the Monts de Lacaune, we recommend it.


Finally, for dessert, why not have some cake on a spit, fouace, cheese soup or flaune (specialty of Millau)


One thing is certain, your holidays in Aveyron should be an opportunity to treat yourself!



Gastronomic holidays in Aveyron Camping de Pareloup